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Healing. Growth. Sustainability.

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Love is built on a foundation of caring. When we care about each other and the environment, it makes it easier to do smart, thoughtful, and sustainable things every day. This applies to art as well. All of my thought based art prints and artistic clothing options here at Thought are used to plant seeds of understanding in the people I meet. Fresh ways of looking at the world are easy to find when we throw away yesterday's perceptions.

If you want to start anew, I invite you to join me. Open a new eye. Embark on a journey to a greener horizon. Assemble under a different symbol, and look beyond your past into our future. Whether you buy my artistic clothing, my prints, or any of my other handcrafted works, know that I make all of my pieces with love, attention, and thoughtfulness. Come along with me. The new world is waiting to fill your spirit with bliss.

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